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Where to Eat

The Canadian Celiac Association PEI Chapter does not endorse any product or eating establishment and any reference is for information purpose only and is not to be construed as a recommendation or an endorsement. The PEI Chapter does not accept any liability for any damages resulting from the information contained herein.

Loyalist Country Inn, Iron & Salt Restaurant
195 Harbour Drive
Summerside, PEI
902 436-3333

Currently our Gluten Free Menu includes items on our existing menus that are Celiac friendly as well as those that can be modified to become gluten free.

Brits Fish & Chips
offers gluten-free menu items
41 University Avenue
Charlottetown PE
They use fresh fish and they peel their own potatoes. No coatings are used on the potatoes. When an order for GF fish comes they use El Peto All Purpose Flour and water to make the batter and this fish is fried in the same vats that they use for their plain fries. Their regular fish is cooked in a completely different vat. A great place for Celiac's to eat.

Island Stone Pub - Kensington Station
Globally Inspired, Locally Sourced - Island Cuisine & Hospitality

62 Broadway Street North
Kensington, PE
(902) 836-3063

Website: http://islandstonepub.weebly.com/location.html

The Dundee Arms Inn
200 Pownal Street, Charlottetown, PEI C1A 3W8
Phone: 902-892-2496
Toll Free:1-877-638-6333
Website: www.eden.travel/dundee
Email: dundee@eden.travel
The Dundee Arms Inn is proud to do our utmost in offering Gluten Free options. Many items on our menus are marked Gluten-Free (GF) while others can be modified to become Gluten-Free. Regardless of what you order, please inform your server that you require a Gluten-Free meal to ensure that your choices remain free of garnishes that may have come in contact with Gluten.

Gluten-Free options: Garden, Greek and Spinach salads with house dressings. Gluten Free bread for sandwich, breakfast toast and dinner bread. (Separate toaster is used for Gluten Free options) Seafood chowder.
Soup of the Day, Dessert options, house made ice-creams, crème brulee, Cashew Chicken Stirfry and PEI Mussels plus many more.

We have two Red Seal Chef's that are trained in serving special diets. We look forward to creating a warm welcome and safe food for everyon

Shaddy's Restaurant
, Serving great Lebanese and Canadian food.
44 University Avenue,
Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Indoor dining year round and outdoor dining available in the summer.

Boston Pizza
New - Gluten Wise Fusillini
700 University Ave
Charlottetown, PE

Boston Pizza not only has individual size GF pizza but is now offering a GlutenWise Fusillini pasta with a choice of Bolognese meat sauce or our delicious Pomodoro sauce. Regular wheat noodle can be exchanged for a Fusillini noodle in any gourmet pastas for an additional one dollar, provided the ingredients in that pasta follow specific allergy requirements. Having a serious condition such as Celiac disease requires careful culinary attention and proper food handling and allergy awareness training, all of which is a training necessity for all of Boston Pizza staff through our corporate standards.

Cedar's Eatery,
81 University Ave.
Charlottetown, PEI
Tel: (902) 892-7377
Specialty: Well known for their exceptional Lebanese foods, in particular, the Shish Taouk. Warm and cozy atmosphere.

Merchantman Pub
23 Queen Street,
Charlottetown, PEI
Tel: (902) 892-9150
Specialty: Very nice pub atmosphere. Good food, flexible kitchen.

Swiss Chalet
359 University Ave.
Charlottetown, PEI
Tel: (902) 894-7441
Specialty - Rotisserie chicken, standard menu but great nutrition and allergy guide to help you chose.

643 University Ave & 308 Grafton Street E.,
both in Charlottetown, PEI
Tel: (902) 626-3000 & 894-4654
Specialty - Fast food. Standard menu but nutrition guide available with ingredients. Baked potatoes, chili, salads, fries cooked in separate oils, ask server.

The Kitchen Witch Tea Room and Country crafts has a gluten free menu.
Located on Long River Road route 262 at the intersection with Burlington road route 234, they are not far from Woodleigh Replicas and 10 minutes from Kensington.

They have purchased a separate toaster oven etc. for preparing gluten free menu items. They are also aware of the need for spices and flavourings, such as vanilla, to be pure. Gluten free items include a meatloaf donair wrapped in a corn tortilla, bread and a gingerbread dessert with sauce. There are many other selections on the menu as well.
Feel free to ask questions about ingredients when you make your choices. The staff are keen to please and serve Celiacs.
The Kitchen Witch Tea Room and Country Crafts

All celiacs should inform the wait staff and/or chef of their gluten intolerance. Calling ahead is always a good idea.